Ear Care

Ear care for Dobermans

Caring for your Doberman's cropped ears

Most people come to UK Dobermans because they want a well-bred Doberman puppy with a docked tail and of course, those fantastically erect ears. The dogs look great with properly standing ears and they help our puppies to exude a naturally strong and assertive appearance. We take great care to prepare the puppies ears in such a way that they will stand when you collect your new pup – that said, dogs are living creatures and each one differs to the next! Generally speaking though, the dogs ears will be standing when you collect him or her. As part of our puppy pack we do supply you with a large roll or black microporous tape for the purpose of ear wrapping.

The ear cropping process is performed at the youngest recommended age possible (8 weeks) in order to give the ears the longest time possible to heal and begin to stand. Ear cropping is generally performed using the latest surgical laser method and the puppies' welfare is constantly monitored during the cropping.

This video gives you a step by step guide to the process of ear wrapping – it really is a very simple process and since both the breeder and UK Dobermans will have wrapped your puppies ears many times, when he or she arrives with you they will be more than used to it, in-fact we find that most of our pups actually enjoy the feeling of you holding and playing with their ears while you are wrapping them! Remember to change the wraps every 3 to 4 days and to clean out the ears with an antiseptic wipe each time you change them to keep your new puppy fresh and clean. You will notice that when you remove the wraps that the ears are standing very straight – we would suggest keeping an eye on your new puppy for a few hours after removing the wraps and if the ears do not start to fall then you're all done! As always though if you experience any difficulty during this process UK Dobermans are always on hand to help and assist.