Euro vs. American

 Picture: /images/w288/doberman-down.jpg

What are the differnces between Europeran and American Doberman?

Many people have contacted us asking what the difference is between European and American Dobermans. Here at UK Dobermans we only provide European line Doberman puppies since we believe that the appearance and temperaments of European Dobermans far exceed their America counterparts.

American vs European Doberman what is the difference

As the graphic above demonstrates, European Dobermans are much heavier set than the Americans. Since in America Dobermans are predominantly used on the show circuit, much of the highly instinctive prey drives and bravery naturally present within the breed has been bred out, with owners and breeders pursuing a much sleeker and slender appearance.

Puppies supplied by UK Dobermans are bred to be chunky in appearance and naturally protective – our breeding partners only breed dogs that hold working titles as a result. Therefore if you are looking for a heavy set Euro Dobie, UK Dobermans is the only place to come.