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Cropped and Docked Doberman Pinscher - What we do

Cropped and Docked Doberman Puppies

International Doberman ClubAs the longest running business in the UK that holds all of the required licences to import and sell Cropped and Docked European Dobermans, our knowledge and expertise ensures you will find a puppy that matches your requirements.

We exclusively provide the very best cropped and docked Doberman puppies from IDC championship winning, FCI registered Doberman kennels.

Fédération Cynologique InternationaleAll of our puppies are bred to the FCI international breed standard for conformation and temperament and are 100 % legal to own in the UK.

We usually have puppies for you to come and view immediately so you are able to take your next Doberman home with you today.

Doberman Parents with superb temperments

Bred for conformation

Superb temperments

Doberman puppies bred for conformation with IDC standards

Why We Do It

Why we import Doberman Puppies from Europe and Russia

Having imported Dobermans into the UK due to the superior bloodlines available in Europe, we became aware of an increasing number of people in the UK wanting their own cropped and docked Doberman. Since the process of cropping and docking is outlawed here in the UK, (meaning the only way to own a cropped and docked Doberman is to import) many people found themselves dealing with unscrupulous breeders located abroad or entering into illegal agreements with unlicensed sellers and transporters based here in the UK that provide sub - standard puppies.

The Pet Animals Act 1951 states that any person involved in the business of selling animals as pets must hold the appropriate licences. Failure to do so is a criminal offence. UK Dobermans are the largest business in the UK licenced to import and sell European Dobermans.

We have decided that since we already have access to some of the best working and show kennels in Europe we are best placed to take the stress and uncertainty out of this process and supply the puppies direct ourselves.

Our clients therefore receive the best FCI accredited bloodlines available in Europe from IDC championship winning combinations, are making their purchase from a fully licensed and legal business and most importantly deal with a UK based supplier with an in - depth knowledge of the breed.

We are proud to be called the largest provider of cropped and docked Dobermans in the UK and look forward to providing you with your next Doberman.

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