Our kennels

Cropped and Docked Doberman Pinscher - Get prepared

Kennels in Dorset

Located in rural Dorset, our kennels are set within 8.75 acres of beautiful English countryside. Whilst with us, puppies stay together in luxury heated facilities and are able to enjoy almost continuous play-time with one another. Each kennel has indoor and outdoor access with large runs where puppies can stretch their legs and exercise and we have large courtyard areas where the dogs like to lounge. On sunny days, our private paddock is ideal for walking the dogs and getting them accustomed to all of the sights and sounds that nature has to offer.

The care our puppies receive

The welfare of our puppies is paramount and here at UK Dobermans we take great pride in keeping our dogs in superb conditions. Licenced and inspected by our local council, we believe that the level of care provided by us helps to make our puppies such attentive and amiable creatures. Pups are fed on a diet of Royal Canin Maxi Junior mixed with rice and puppies are all groomed on arrival and before leaving for their forever homes. Dobermans are notoriously loving dogs that crave human company so we keep a written log and record all human interactions with the pups to ensure their socialisation needs are consistently met. In addition, puppies are supplied with a variety of toys such as Kongs and Nylabones to aid their mental stimulation and when possible the kennel maids are sure to join in with lots of play time!

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