Testimonials - What our customers say

UK Dobermans have clients all over the UK and many of them have kindly taken the time to write to us with feedback about their experience in choosing us for their Doberman puppies. Please note all comments are as received by UK Dobermans... we hope to welcome you to our ever growing list of happy owners.

Sheridan and Family, Manchester

Hi Peter, just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely delighted with Taisha. She has been really good at home and settled in really well, she gets on with all the other dogs and loces sitting on your lap for a cuddle.

Every time we go out with her we get comments about how lovely she is. We are more than happy with her, once again, thank you.
Customer – Scotland

Hello Peter, I am over the moon with this puppy. 1 day to teach him to stay on his couch in the longe. 2 days to toilet train him rear end. 5 days to teach him to sleep in his cage and 7 days to toilet train him about his waterworks. It's quite astonishing I am so surprised hoe smart he is.

P.S. I am very surprised that nothing in the house bothers him. He is fine with the washing machine, TV radio, Door bell, etc, etc. He is also fine with stranger and riding around in the car. He's extremely cool.

Customer – Essex

Hello Peter, my new puppy is lovely. Torro has a wonderful temperament and attracts lots of attention. Everyone who sees him comments on his colouring and his quiet nature. I only had to show him where his couch is once and most of the day he sleeps and plays there. He is very clever I am very pleased with him. I would like to thank both you and Laura for helping me choose him.

Gabby – Dorset

Just wanted to say Poppy is bloody adorable and has the kindest of natures. She picks up everything on her walks and her best friend is our little kitten. We will definatley be using you for another puppy when the time comes.

Briannie – Sussex

I am so happy to be buying thought you. I cannot express my thanks and the peace of mind I now have. I hope you have an amazing weekend

Nev & Jo – Newcastle

Hi Peter and team... Axl excels at everything in his everyday teasks and life... walks to heal perfectly ... agility tasks he loves and also excels at ... get positive remoarks from everyone he meets, we are constantly stopped by most public who admires and comments on how well behaved/loving & trained he is ... he's simply a pleasure to be with at all times and makes us very proud... he weighs a healthy 24kg and his coat is beautiful.

Sabria – London

Just wanted to let you knoe we have got Freds walkingon harness and lead already. She is asleep in her crate with a Kong and antler chew.
She attended her 1st training class last night and even though she was 3 weeks later than the others starting she was fantastic and eager to please. Already house trained and asking to go out to toilet when visiting friends. Loves her walks and very calm with other dogs she meets.

Amanda – Reading

Bruce is growing by the day, so please with this amazing dog, so calm and level headed. Just love him.

Chistiem – Kent

Cash, 7 months tomorrow. Best thing qw have ever done getting him, Thank you @UKDobermans